Prepare for a Showdown

A local-coop party game that's all about the classical western stand-off. Draw faster than your opponents and prepare to catch their incoming bullets mid-air! HOT NOON is fast paced and filled with tension. Are you skilled enough to outsmart your friends in this wits-filled stand-off?


The game is played with four Buttons of an Xbox Controller: A, B, X, Y. The game supports up to four players, each player needs an Xbox controller.

Join the game by pressing A,B,X or Y. You have now joined the game and are assigned with the button you chose. To ready up, press your button once. You have one bullet upon game start. You can gain bullets by killing other players or catching their bullets. There are as many bullets in the game as players.


Press any button that is not yours to shoot another player.

If another player shoots at you, quickly press your own button to catch the bullet. But be careful, pressing your button without being attacked will stun you for a short amount of time!

Fake Shot:
Press any button on the D-PAD to fake an attack. You won't loose a bullet.

Restart the game by pressing the START button


Nicolas Vana
Samuel Stallybrass
Lukas Schönwiese


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